List of Provinces in South Africa by Population 2019

Provinces in South Africa list by Population, from the province with the highest population to the least. South Africa is made up of a total number of nine (9) provinces.

South Africa Provinces Population

The nine South African provinces were divided since the election that held in 1994. On 27 April 1994, the date of the first non-racial elections and of the adoption of the Interim Constitution, all the previous South African provinces and homelands were dissolved, and nine new provinces were created.

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Since the creation of these provinces, only three censuses have been held in South Africa including in 1996, 2001 and 2011. This article contains a list of South African provinces by population density.

Provinces in South Africa by Population

The table below shows the South African Provinces and their population density.

RankProvinceEst. Population
4Western Cape6,522,700
6Eastern Cape4,523,900
7North West3,979,000
8Free State2,954,300
9Northern Cape1,225,600
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N.B. This data here is actually based on the 2018 mid-year estimates.

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