Calculate Your APS at SU (Stellenbosch University)

Admission Point Score (APS) is as one of the requirements to determine if an applicant qualifies for their respective programmes in South Africa.

The Stellenbosch University uses APS like any other university and I have provided how to calculate Admission Point Score (APS) for the Stellenbosch University.

Calculate APS at Stellenbosch University

How To Calculate Your APS at Stellenbosch University

Calculating APS for Stellenbosch University requires candidates to add together your six best subject percentages. Life Orientation is not to be calculated together with the six subjects.

Suitably qualified applicants must meet the least APS or fall under/within the testing band to be considered for your desired program.

For every matric subject, you write an examination for, you will be awarded.

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The points awarded on matric subject depends totally depends on the percentage you score each of the subjects. Admission Point Score, APS, is the sum of all the points awarded in each course.

Most times, meeting the minimum requirements doesn’t guarantee admission into your desired degree programme. To get the upper hand you need proper preparation.

You may be required to submit supporting documents or requirements for some courses. To confirm if these documents are needed, contact your faculty. Some of these documents include a portfolio of work, audition of interview.

Why South African Universities Use APS

  • Universities and Universities of Technologies adopted the use of APS scores for the following reasons;
  • For their own convenience.
  • To allow students both local and international know the courses they qualify for.
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Stellenbosch University APS Breakdown for 2020/2021

Here is a breakdown of the Stellenbosch University APS calculation

Rating CodeRating Marks
7Outstanding Achievement80-100%
6Meritorious Achievement70-79%
5Substantial Achievement60-69%
4Adequate Achievement50-59%
3Moderate Achievement40-49%
2Elementary Achievement30-39%
1Not Achieved0-29%
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