Rwandan Anthem Lyrics in English, French & Kinyarwanda

The lyrics and music for the new Rwandan Anthem have been provided in English, French, and Kinyarwanda. The anthem Rwanda Nziza represented the winning entry.

Rwandan Anthem Lyrics

The lyrics were composed by Faustin Murigo of Karubanda prison and melody by Captain Jean-Bosco Hashakaimana of the Rwandan army brass band. It was adopted as the official anthem of Rwanda on January 1, 2002.

Rwanda Anthem Lyrics in English

Rwanda, our beautiful and dear country
Adorned of hills, lakes and volcanoes
Motherland, would be always filled of happiness
Us all your children: Abanyarwanda
Let us sing your glare and proclaim your high facts
You, maternal bosom of us all
Would be admired forever, prosperous and cover of praises.
Invaluable heritage, that God protects to you
You filled us priceless goods
Our common culture identifies us
Our single language unifies us
That our intelligence, our conscience and our forces
Fill you with varied riches
For an unceasingly renewed development.
Our valorous ancestors
Gave themselves bodies and souls
As far as making you a big nation
You overcame the colonial-imperialistic yoke
That has devastated Africa entirely
And has your joy of your sovereign independence
Acquired that constantly we will defend.
Maintain this cape, beloved Rwanda,
Standing, we commit for you
So that peace reigns countrywide
That you are free of all hindrance
That your determination hires progress
That you have excellent relations with all countries
And that finally your pride is worth your esteem.

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Rwanda Anthem Lyrics in French

Rwanda, notre beau et cher pays
Paré de collines, de lacs et de volcans
Mère-patrie, sois toujours comblée de bonheur
Nous tous tes enfants: Abanyarwanda
Chantons ton éclat et proclamons tes hauts faits
Toi, Giron maternel de nous tous
Sois à jamais admiré, prospère et couvert d’éloges.
Précieux héritage, que Dieu te protège
Tu nous as comblés de biens inestimables
Notre culture commune nous identifie
Notre unique langue nous unifie
Que notre intelligence, notre conscience et nos forces
Te comblent de richesses diversifiées
Pour un développement sans cesse renouvelé.
Nos valeureux aïeux
Se sont donnés corps et âmes
Jusqu’à faire de toi une grande Nation
Tu as eu raison du joug colonialo-impérialiste
Qui a dévasté l’Afrique tout entière
Et te voici aise de ton indépendance souveraine
Acquis que sans cesse nous défendrons.
Maintiens ce cap, Rwanda bien-aimé
Debout, nous nous engageons pour toi
Afin que la paix règne dans tout le pays
Que tu sois libre de toute entrave
Que ta détermination engage le progrès
Qu’excellent tes relations avec tous les pays
Et qu’enfin ta fierté te vaille estime.

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Rwanda Anthem Lyrics in Kinyarwanda

Rwanda nziza Gihugu cyacu
Wuje imisozi, ibiyaga n’ibirunga
Ngobyi iduhetse gahorane ishya.
Reka tukurate tukuvuge ibigwi
Wowe utubumbiye hamwe twese
Abanyarwanda uko watubyaye
Berwa, sugira, singizwa iteka.
Horana Imana, murage mwiza
Ibyo tugukesha ntibishyikirwa;
Umuco dusangiye uraturanga
Ururimi rwacu rukaduhuza
Ubwenge, umutima,amaboko yacu
Nibigukungahaze bikwiye
Nuko utere imbere ubutitsa.
Abakurambere b’intwari
Bitanze batizigama
Baraguhanga uvamo ubukombe
Utsinda ubukoroni na mpatsibihugu
Byayogoje Afurika yose
None uraganje mu bwigenge
Tubukomeyeho uko turi twese.
Komeza imihigo Rwanda dukunda
Duhagurukiye kukwitangira
Ngo amahoro asabe mu bagutuye
Wishyire wizane muri byose
Urangwe n’ishyaka, utere imbere
Uhamye umubano n’amahanga yose
Maze ijabo ryawe riguhe ijambo.

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