Past and Present Presidents of the Republic of Rwanda (1961 – 2019)

The Past and Present Presidents of Rwanda since the Rwandan Revolution in 1961 till date. The Constitution specifies that the President in power posses all the broad executive powers and also serves as the head of states of Rwanda.

President Kagame Paul

Rwanda is a democratic state, therefore, the presidential candidate with the highest number of vote is declared the winner.

The office holder is to serve a tenure of seven years before another election is held.

The president appoints the Prime Minister and other members of the Cabinet.

Past and Present Presidents of Rwanda

The table below represents the past and presidents of Rwanda, their tenure and political party.

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Took office:
Left office:
Political Party
1Dominique Mbonyumutwa
28 January 1961
26 October 1961
2Grégoire Kayibanda
(1924 – 1976)
26 October 1961
1 July 1962
2Grégoire Kayibanda
1 July 1962
5 July 1973
3Juvénal Habyarimana
5 July 1973
6 April 1994
Military /
4Théodore Sindikubwabo
8 April 1994
19 July 1994
5Pasteur Bizimungu
19 July 1994
23 March 2000
6Paul Kagame
24 March 2000
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Since 1991 till the present day, a total number of four people served as President of Rwanda, while two others served as the Acting presidents. The current president of Rwanda is Paul Kagame.

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