How To Connect Apple AirPods With Your Android Smartphone

Using a wireless headphone is the trending thing in the fashion industry. Companies are now producing Airpod that has no cable,  the trend start with Apple and other manufacturer since then start following the trend. The Apple airpods can be use with both iOS devices and Android, this article will teach you how to connect Apple Airpods with Android Smartphone.

Despite the differences in the two manufacturer, it is not impossible to connect your device together. Just like other wireless devices, Bluetooth will serve as the element for the connection.

Apple created an exception wireless auto experience for it’s customers, but Android users can also benefit from it by following the steps below.

If you have been wondering how can you connect Apple Airpods to your Android phone, read this post carefully.

Apple Airpods

How To Connect Apple Airpods With Android Smartphone

  1. The first thing you will have to do is to activate your phone Bluetooth from Settings> Bluetooth> Activate.
  2. Click on the search for device option.
  3. Take the Airpod box and open the lid. Check the back of the box, you will see a circular slot like a button you can press. Press the button until the LED light is on. This will make the Airpod Bluetooth to be in your smartphone radar.
  4. Navigate to your device Bluetooth section and wait for the Airpod to appear at the “Available devices” section.
  5. Connect your device
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Limitations Of Connecting Apple Airpods To Smartphone

Apple Airpods are manufactured to work with Apple devices, connecting it with Android will make it not to perform many of it’s functions.

For example, you won’t be able to use gesture, you cannot activate Google Assistant by tapping on the headset as with Siri.

Also, you cannot ask the assistant to make s call, you can only use the right Airpod to pause and play music. You can also use it in your call conversation.

Updated: January 3, 2020 — 5:07 am

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