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Windows 10 October 2018 Update now available

Most Windows 10 users had a very bad time while trying to update their Windows 10 around October/ November 2018. Microsoft have to release the update again but some users had to change keys several times which became so hard for users to cope with. Microsoft has release a statement stating that the update is […]

China plan on achieving 6G network by 2030

5G network has been hit on Android mobile device for a while now, but China has take a step above other countries with the plan for 6G network. As said by the China Securities Journal, plan has already been put in place to make sure 6G network is achievable in 2030. The magazine make reference […]

Google Digital Well-being App is ready for download

With the help of the Google digital well-being App, smartphone users can now monitor and manage time spent on App. This Google well-being app will also help you to set limit to a particular App on your phone. Google Digital Wellbeing beta has been available for some time now, you have to sign up for […]

Samsung Galaxy S10 revolution display leaked

Samsung has not back out as one of the phone company to be producing smartphone with awesome display as they launch Samsung Galaxy S10. We have been hearing different news about the awesomeness of the Samsung Galaxy S10 display. This phone will give you a better display you can think of. As announced by Samsung […]

Microsoft plan to release disc-free Xbox

Just like PCs, Microsoft is planning to lunch a disc free Xbox for console gamers next year. Console gamers will no more require disc before they can start enjoying their games anymore. This project may shave off $100 from the cost of Xbox. If you are thinking about how this will be possible, here is […]

Mozilla Asks You To Pay To Have Access To Sites With No Advert

Most web users always bother about advertisements on the internet. It’s very rear to find a user that does not bother about ads that’s why many users use old good adblocker to enjoy site contents without disturbance. However, we cannot dispute the fact that advertisements are the soul of many sites as they cannot exist […]

PUBG To Introduce Story-based Gameplay

PUBG is one of the most popular battle royale game and a tough competitor to Fortnite. PUBG lag behind its competitor when it comes to story-based gameplay and the developer has decided to introduce story-based gameplay into the game. The co-founder of Sledgehammer Games, Glen Schofield is going to introduce a new studio names Striking […]