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How To Connect Apple AirPods With Your Android Smartphone

Using a wireless headphone is the trending thing in the fashion industry. Companies are now producing Airpod that has no cable,  the trend start with Apple and other manufacturer since then start following the trend. The Apple airpods can be use with both iOS devices and Android, this article will teach you how to connect Apple Airpods […]

How To Restore The Factory Settings Of Amazon Echo Dot

No electronic device is free of problem likewise the Amazon Echo Dot, its popular personal assistant Alexa and the home automation software package, do have problems. The Echo Dot is the smaller version of the original Echo and it has the same features with Echo. It has the same width but shorter and more compact than the […]

How To Install Modded Google Camera On Samsung Galaxy S10

The trending Samsung Galaxy S10 has a very good rear camera setup.  Though the primary camera is still 12MP which is in the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Samsung Galaxy Note 9, there have been many improvements on it to cover dynamic range and on sharpness. With all these improvements done by Samsung its camera is […]

How To Download and Install Dropbox

Running out of space on our hard drive is a normal thing which makes us get rid of some files. Dropbox can actually help you to store files instead of getting rid of some before you store new ones. Dropbox will save more of your space and also help you free up more space. This […]

How To Install Samsung Galaxy A60 USB Driver

USB is very important to PC users especially those that do transfer files between their phone and PC, and PC / laptop. The importance of USB is not limited to transfer of files, it is also needed to unlock the bootloader, to flash a custom ROM or run root. To use the USB, you need […]

How To Connect Google Assistant With Netflix

There have been many revolutionized way people view Netflix since its arrival in Italy. Many registered users watch their favorite TV series and films with different devices like smartphone, tablets, PC, Smart TV, Apple TV, Google Chromecast and others. However, the Mountain View company alongside with Chromecast has brought another dimension which is awesome and […]

How To Recover Deleted Messages on iPhone

Sometimes you can get annoyed by too many messages on your device and decide to delete them. While doing so, you might mistakenly delete an important message. If you delete an important message you can actually get the message back on your iPhone by doing a little task. This article will teach you how to […]

How To Fix Corrupt Hard Drive: Windows and macOS

A Hard Disk Drive (HDD) has so many name attached to it, they are; hard disk, hard drive or fixed disk. HDD is a data storage device that helps to store all the information you input into your PC. It is an electro-mechanical device that makes use of a magnetic storage for storage and retrieval […]

How To View WrestleMania 35

WrestleMania 35 will soon be the a lengthy TV show WrestleMania in history. This TV show will now be packed with many entertainment activities. The length of this show will never make it tiring because of the activities planned on ground. The WrestleMania 35 will wow the world with it’s events that will have ladies […]