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WhatsApp new feature: Enable vacation mode on WhatsApp 

WhatsApp is now making a move to put in a place new features that can make you to go on holiday without worry. The new feature is to mute group notifications completely. Normally unread messages can still be seen on WhatsApp icon because muting group chats only disables push notifications from the messaging app. But with this new […]

WhatsApp introduce new features: Download WhatsApp latest version

WhatsApp has add a new features “swipe to reply” for the latest WhatsApp update for Android. You can download the latest WhatsApp update to enjoy this. The latest updated WhatsApp new features allow a fast and easier reply to a specific message. The Swipe to reply features is made available on the latest WhatsApp download update. How Swipe […]

Mobile transfer USSD Code: Polaris bank mobile transfer code

The CBN took over Skye Bank (now called Polaris Bank)  this year and many changes has been made regarding the bank; one of which is Polaris bank mobile transfer. Skye bank was rename Polaris Bank immediately CBN take over and everything about the bank has been changed. The Polaris bank mobile transfer code makes banking more […]

Top Screen Mirroring App For Android Phones

Screen mirroring is not something that is popular among phone users. There are apps you can us to view your desktop screen on your smartphone and vice versa. People do record there screen to enjoy stream or for technical support. Screen mirroring or screencasting apps allows you to share files and resources between your devices. […]

Smart Devices You Need At Home

The world is now a digital world, everything around us is going digital including what we use at home. The presence of smartphone is a very important in digitalization by making more device smarter and intelligent. The Advent of voice assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant has change our relationship with our devices. Having a […]

Blueintel Africa App Launch in Nigeria and Ghana: Forex Trade Forecaster

Blueintel Africa, an African tech company launches its services in Ghana and Nigeria after a successful beta testing of the Android app for months. FOREX is know as Foreign Exchange, Forex exchange involves global, over the-counter market (OTC) where investors, traders and exchange speculator buy and sell world currency based on the market trend Forex […]

Xiaomi’s wireless iron: Mi Cordless Steam Iron

Xiaomi has decide not to limit it’s wonder on smartphone alone. The company has surprise the electronics market with a wireless iron. The Xiaomi wireless iron is launched in China for just 199 Yuan which is equivalent to 27 euros. The wireless iron, Mi Cordless Steam Iron comes with a charging cradle, adjustable mechanism and […]

Best Android Phones To Buy in 2019: Performance

Many phones has been released to the phone market in the first quarter of 2019. Other cool phones are also released last year and are still trending in the phone market. Picking the phone this 2019 might be difficult somehow because many phones with awesome features are out there. Phones with pretty design can freak […]