Calculate APS at University of Fort Hare 2020

How to Calculate your APS at the University of Fort Hare (UFH). Breakdown of University of Fort Hare UFH APS Calculation.

This page contains the steps to calculate the Admission Point score (APS) at the University of Fort Hare (UFH). Applicants and interested candidates must know how to calculate APS before submitting their application form to UFH.

In South Africa, APS points serve as an important tool to screen applicants and see if they are qualified for admission to study their chosen programmes. The University of Fort Hare (UFH) calculates APS in a unique way.

APS Calculation at the University of Fort Hare

To calculate your APS, you will need to add your six best subject percentages. Please note that this can exclude Life Orientation (LO) – certain programmes either cap LO at 3 points or exclude the subject completely.

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Another point to make note of is that at least four of your seven subjects need to be on the designated subjects list if you are applying for a degree programme. The list of designated subjects can be found here.

Applicants will need to meet the minimum APS to be considered for a specific programme. Generally, you get points for each matric subject you write an exam in.

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The points you get for each course will depend on the percentage you score in that particular subject. The APS score is the total points you receive from each course.

N.B: Meeting the bare minimum requirement is not always enough to get you into your desired degree programme, so push hard to get the highest marks you possibly can.

Don’t forget that some courses need you to submit other requirements (e.g. portfolio of work, audition or interview). It’s important for you to check with the faculty what they need from you.

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UFH APS Breakdown

The table below represents the breakdown of the University of Fort Hare APS calculation: