Gibson Makanda Biography, History, Pictures & Mandela Effect Conspiracy Theory

Gibson Makanda is a conspiracy that Mandela was killed in 1985 and was replaced by fake, trained personnel. Most people have been sharing their own story of Gibson (known as the fake Mandela).

Gibson Makanda History

People have shared their conspiracy theories and likened it to the unsubstantiated theory. The surname has been spelled in different ways across various social media posts.

The Mandela Effect

A Twitter handle who goes by the user name @Jether_Calypso tweeted three FaceApped pictures of Mandela with the final result looking visibly different from the Mandela we know and he captioned it: “Huh… Guys, it wasnt him.

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Gibson Makanda Picture

Gibson Makanda Picture

Here are what people have been tweeting:

Apparently, the real Mandela died in prison. This one was false. Winne wasn’t finna stay married to an unknown human

Yung Bomboclat. (@Mhan_L) July 31, 2019

I have come across freaky evidence of people saying they remember Nelson Mandela dying in prison in the ’80s. Apparently, he was replaced with a look-alike. Apparently, that’s why he later gave all our resources away to the white oppressors at the end of apartheid.???? 

Miss Origionality (@LindaMassh) July 18, 2019

You didn’t multiply face by prison labor and Robben island winters.

Mumen Writer (@TefoWritesStuff) July 31, 2019


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