Month: July 2019

How To Install Modded Google Camera On Samsung Galaxy S10

The trending Samsung Galaxy S10 has a very good rear camera setup.  Though the primary camera is still 12MP which is in the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Samsung Galaxy Note 9, there have been many improvements on it to cover dynamic range and on sharpness. With all these improvements done by Samsung its camera is […]

Mozilla Asks You To Pay To Have Access To Sites With No Advert

Most web users always bother about advertisements on the internet. It’s very rear to find a user that does not bother about ads that’s why many users use old good adblocker to enjoy site contents without disturbance. However, we cannot dispute the fact that advertisements are the soul of many sites as they cannot exist […]

How To Download and Install Dropbox

Running out of space on our hard drive is a normal thing which makes us get rid of some files. Dropbox can actually help you to store files instead of getting rid of some before you store new ones. Dropbox will save more of your space and also help you free up more space. This […]

How To Install Samsung Galaxy A60 USB Driver

USB is very important to PC users especially those that do transfer files between their phone and PC, and PC / laptop. The importance of USB is not limited to transfer of files, it is also needed to unlock the bootloader, to flash a custom ROM or run root. To use the USB, you need […]